Cleaning Services

We provide high quality and backup cleaning services to our valued clients. We have highly qualified and experienced workforce with more than a decade in the cleaning industry. Optimal supervision is provided to insure quality of work is maintained. Under cleaning services we offer the following:

Daily Office Cleaning


    It is our business to create and provide clients with hygienic conditions and work environments that assist them to meet their set objectives.


Carpet Cleaning

We do vacuum cleaning of carpets and apart from regular vacuuming and spotting we also shampoo clean carpets leaving them clean and freshly deodorized.


Scrubbing floors (general floors and carpets)

Vinyl floor strip and seal-This is an exercise where we strip off accumulated polish, dirt and shoe marks from vinyl floors, disinfecting them at the same time. Thereafter they are scaled and furnished leaving them watery shiny and yet non-slippery. We also cater for other floor like terrazzo, cement, granite and wooden floors.


Toilet Cleaning

In addition to daily disinfections, we also dip clean toilets, removal of rust leaving them clean and well sanitized.

Upholstery cleaning (sofas, chairs, desks)

We clean upholstered furniture, chairs and sofas at very competitive price. Our services are flexible and can be customized as per the customers’ needs.